1. Vanishing Song
  2. Great Horned Owl
  3. Buffalo Hearts
  4. The Straighten Outer
  5. Fools Gold
  6. Silent Arrow
  7. Bound To This World
  8. Thunderbird
  9. Black Horses In A Yellow Sky
  10. Walking In The Green Corn

” If Los Angeles has a quiet musical hero the past quarter century, let it be Grant-Lee Phillips. In the mid-’80s he arrived with his band Grant Lee Buffalo, and over the course of several albums they fashioned an individualistic sound that refused to fit into any genres except the catch-all alternative bin, and never wavered in a devotion to chasing the muse. Their song “Mockingbirds” could have been a Phil Spector in deep reflection opus the way it mixed so many elements of grand style and scary mysticism. Today Phillips is still tapped into the cosmos, and sounds like he’s got real secrets to share. Walk with him now.” Bill Bentley