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GRANT LEE PHILLIPS Strangelet - Reviews

“Still at the top of his game …with a dozen songs that crisscross between anguish and optimism, discord and salvation, crafted with the deftness of a poet and the ingenuity of a composer. Phillips has made perhaps his most intimate recording yet.”
- Amazon

“…always elegantly sung and recorded … the new album [offers] gems on par with those of his previous band.”
- Billboard

“[Strangelet] strives after hope, if not glory, building to a rare expression of life's enriching possibilities for a sensitive, singer songwriter whose taut poetic visions are wrapped in a sun-streaked romanticism.”
- No Depression

“Blessed with pure pop sensibility and a creamy vocal style, Phillips' guiding principles are still subtlety and understatement. [Strangelet] is one of his finest to date.”
- Detroit Free Press

“..a collection of reliable, trust worthy tunes. And in this day and age, that's saying a lot.”
- Filter

“Sixteen years into one of the most joyously melodic careers of our age…Phillips is writing the most intimate songs of his career …”

“An old fashioned crooner for the Nirvana Generation, Phillips wields a dark, smoky voice that's one of the great instruments in music today.”
- Paste

“Throughout [the new album], Phillips' restrained tenor remains a thing of beauty and helps to further sharpen material whose impact deepens with each listen.”
- Performing Songwriter

“…the album rings with integrity, continuing the threads of mythical Americana via glam and folk rock that have always been Phillips' musical bread and butter.”
- PopMatters

“”The gripping “Strangelet” strives for a tricky balance of darkness and light…and succeeds thanks to the raw charisma of [his] vocals. Grant Lee Phillips rarely disappoints….”